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Speakeasy United Portfolio

Speakeasy United!

At a time when we need to think of innovative ways to be together, Speakeasy is doing what we can to help companies stay in touch, share experiences and help everyone feel they still belong. Which is why we’ve developed Speakeasy United – a set of products and services designed to help you to stay connected during these difficult times.

Our Speakeasy family has been delivering high quality films and events for over 25 years, and today, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we are using our expertise to deliver innovative solutions to support your business and help you stay connected.

As we approach the “new normal”, life as we know it has changed. Change can be intimidating but it can also be the catalyst for growth. The Speakeasy United Portfolio spans virtual events in all their shapes and forms, remote filming and animated communications. 

Speakeasy United is about being by your side from a distance, facing these tough times with the best creative solutions to help your business flourish. 

Remote filming

Remote filming is becoming increasingly common as a way of communicating with remote audiences through virtual events or producing video content for a whole myriad of platforms. And thanks to advances in camera technology and interactive video conferencing platforms remote filming today offers far greater potential than simply switching on the selfie camera and having a go!  

Virtually anything is possible, from rough and ready video inserts to polished multi-camera presentations including graphics, animation and music – in fact everything you’d expect from a top-class Speakeasy production. All proving that when it comes to making well-crafted pieces of video communication, distance really is no object.

Our remote filming solutions are designed to melt away the miles between us, reducing risk, ensuring quality and giving you the confidence to perform at your best. 

With Speakeasy, you’ll never need to go it alone, because we’ll be there. Even when we can’t be.

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Virtual events

Virtually all of us have attended a webinar online, watched an on-demand video presentation or animation, or joined a meeting using a video conferencing tool. These are all examples of virtual events, where individuals experience and interact with content online rather than gathering in-person. 

Particularly in the current climate, virtual events are becoming an increasingly important part of all our lives, and businesses are taking more and more interest in how digital communications can be harnessed to provide full virtual event experience – in place of, or in addition to, their conventional in-person events. 

Through our event management platform and technology partners we can create easy-to-use and modern virtual meeting spaces with flawless video, audio and presentation content. Quick to join and easy to use, our virtual event solutions provide one touch access to meetings and collaboration across audience groups of all sizes, and across all devices. 

Content and planning remain the dominant factors in creating experiences that engage, excite, involve, entertain – and most of all, get your messages across and change minds. The technology is the easy bit! In fact, we believe that the more a virtual event is treated like an in-person event, the better. Our virtual event solution simply uses technology in a way that supports these aims and aids towards making your virtual event a success.

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Animation is a true craft which offers endless possibilities and is a fantastic tool to use on social media! It’s said that people scroll through around 90 meters of social content per day (that’s almost the height of Big Ben!). Animated communications can give you the edge you need to help your business stand out on the timeline and to bring your messages to life in a bold and engaging way that’s on brand.

In these times of social distancing, animation is a brilliant option for communicating with customers and colleagues. Unlike live action, no personal contact is required and projects can be managed remotely. In these challenging times animation also offers a softer friendlier approach for communications on tough subjects. 

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