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Brand Values


Ahead of the launch of TSB as a new bank on the British high street, we were asked to produce short teaser films, with a focus on brand values and local service.

The aim of the project was to celebrate, inspire and educate staff on the involvement and positive contribution TSB would make to local communities and society as a whole.

Our creative approach was to create a film that was light-hearted and personable, with the new TSB staff at its core.  We put a spin on the brand values – pioneering, collaborative, straightforward, transparent and responsible – with the idea of word association unrelated to work. This gives us an insight into the thoughts and values of the real people behind the bank.

Filming in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Swansea, we shot and delivered three films in one week and were credited for the high standard and fast turnaround. The film prompted ‘tears and spontaneous applause’ from the leadership audience, and ‘excitement and laughter’ from colleagues.

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