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Our Services

Pre-production & Planning

The make or break stage of any production, where we make sure we understand exactly what you need to achieve and devise an approach that will make it happen within your budget. Our creative team is one of the most accomplished in the business, comfortable with the full gamut of formats and styles – and inventing a few new ones along the way.

From high production value dramas and complex multi-camera studio shoots, to animations and the use of self-shot user generated content, Speakeasy knows exactly how to make video communications work for you.

Once the approach is agreed our researchers and writers bring it to life through detailed treatments and scripts, accompanied by storyboards and visuals. Then it’s over to the production management team to put the plans and resources in place to make your film happen, with access to crews and production facilities throughout the UK and the world, as well as the industry’s most accomplished designers and animators.

Services Include:

  • Project management
  • Client liaison
  • Research
  • Needs analysis
  • Channel development
  • Treatment and proposal writing
  • Storyboards & visualisation
  • Scripting
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Production management
  • Planning & logistics
  • Location research & recces
  • Casting, auditions & rehearsals
  • Measurement & evaluation strategies
  • Strategic communications
  • User Generated Content Strategies
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